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Ictus Consulting's services encompass the breadth of records management theory and practices. To this solid records management foundation, we add a strong involvement and understanding of the current technologies that effect our industry, your enterprise, and the shape of things to come.

An organization's records are as unique as that organization. Our approach to records management for each client and each project is, therefore, customized to ensure that the records program developed will meet today's needs and will be flexible enough to grow with the organization.

Records Management Programs
  • Evaluation and planning
  • Development and enhancement
  • Records inventories
  • Records classification
  • Retention schedule development
  • Implementation services
  • Training Programs
  • Intranet/Internet site development
  • Systems development and support
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Vital records protection
  • Electronic records survey/analysis
Information Management Programs
  • Hardware and software assessment, evaluations and recommendations
  • Retrieval systems design, indexing criteria and document classification
  • Controlled vocabulary development and document profiling
  • Systems analysis
  • Data conversion and cleanup
  • Internet/Intranet web site development
  • Training programs and procedures development
  • Workflow analysis and recommendations
  • Systems design, development and support
Policy and Procedure Development
  • Needs analysis
  • Records retention schedule development
  • Legal research for recordkeeping requirements
  • Vital records program
  • Controlled vocabulary and thesaurus development
  • Records Classification
  • Inactive records management
  • Records review and purge in accordance with approved retention schedule
  • Program compliance reviews
  • Records Inventory
  • Procedures Manual

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