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Ictus Consulting, LLC is an independent company dedicated to providing comprehensive, intelligent, and high quality consulting services in the field of records and information management.

Moving (Paper) Mountains
presentations by
Barbara E. Nye, CRM and Cynthia J. Nunes, CRM, MLS
Upland-Inland Empire Chapter ARMA Seminar

What is the current state of the Records and Information Management profession? How do you transition from traditional management practices for hardcopy records to manage the increasingly pervasive use of digital technology for creating and storing electronic records. How do you ensure that your Records Management Program is legally-defensible? How does the recent trend to “Big Bucket” Records Retention Schedules affect the way Records Managers have traditionally approached records appraisal and retention schedule development?

Ictus Consulting presented a one-day seminar to the Upland Inland Empire Chapter of ARMA that focused on the answers to these questions.

Moving (Paper) Mountains   (124k in pdf format) *

This presentation provides an overview of the current state of Records Management practices and the pressing need to move from a document-centric hardcopy-based RM Program to manage the pervasive use and storage of electronic records.

Compliance: Records Management and the Law    (154k in pdf format) *

Understanding the legal requirements for your Records Management Program is key to ensuring that the Program not only supports the operations of your organization, but also helps to ensure compliance and helps to protect the organization in the event of litigation. This presentation defines key terms and concepts to help Records Managers understand their role in organizational compliance.

Records Classification — Do “Big Buckets” = “Big Headaches”?    (221k in pdf format) *

A lot has been written about the “big bucket” theory of Records Retention Schedule (RRS) development. This presentation discusses the concept of “big bucket” records classification and provides exercises to show you how to classify records and how to determine whether your organization should make the transition from the traditional departmental RRS to the “functional” or “process-based” RRS.

Departmental or Functional Retention Schedules?
That Is the Question

presentation by
David Farneth, MLS, CRM and Barbara E. Nye, CRM
ARMA GLA Meeting
Functional RRS Position Paper (95k in pdf format) *
Functional RRS Additional Resources (72k in pdf format) *

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Records Retention Schedule is the foundation of any Records Management Program. There are two primary models for retention schedules: the traditional departmental retention schedule and the functional retention schedule model.

The departmental (or "detailed") retention schedule is an alphabetical list of records series organized by the departments in which the records are maintained.

The functional Records Retention Schedule (RRS) is a model in which the records series are based on the functions (and related activities) of the organization. Records are classified into series by the purpose of the record - the function (or activity) that they document or support within the organization.

The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of ARMA International held a debate recently about the merits of each retention schedule model. David Farneth, MLS, CRM and Barbara E. Nye, CRM took the position that a Retention Schedule organized by function is better able to support the stated mission of the organization and its business processes.

As part of its comprehensive Records Management consulting services, Ictus Consulting develops interactive, dynamic, web-based Records Retention Schedules. If you are interested in this, or any of our other Records Management consulting services, send us an email at

Document Retention / Destruction
presentation by
Barbara E. Nye, CRM
Lorman Education Service Seminar
available here (496k in pdf format) *

An organization's intranet is an unparalleled resource for any Records Management Program to utilize. In this presentation, we tour several successful Records Management sites and analyze each organization's unique approach to providing value, customer service, and efficiency.

Maximizing Your Records and Information Management Intranet Resource
presentation by
April Dmytrenko, CRM, FAI and Cynthia J. Nunes, MLS
ARMA GLA Meeting
available here (5.6Mbytes in pdf format) *

Ever wonder what happened to the "Paperless Office"? This paper examines that 25-year old prediction and more in an attempt to separate fact from hype in technologies that affect our profession.

Nega-Trends© : Pointless Predictions... that Distract Us from Essential Information Management Truths
presentation by
Barbara E. Nye, CRM
ARMA GLA Conference
available here (170k pdf format) *

Interested in doing research for a records retention schedule? See "Legal Research for Retention Schedules", a presentation to the GLA ARMA Conference, and a bibliography of resources for additional research.

Legal Research for Retention Schedules
presentation by
Barbara E. Nye, CRM
ARMA GLA Conference
available here (471k pdf format) *
Resources for Legal Research (Bibliography)
compiled by
Barbara E. Nye, CRM
available here (23k pdf format) *
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